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autumn FILM camp

with Ozren Cvjetic

Make a short film in just 4 days! And make a good one - like “festival-submission” good. With the help of award-winning director Ozren Cvjetic, you can get a taste of the work of a real cast and crew, and bring to life a real film.



9 - 15 years

28 -31 October 2019

9:00 - 16:00

HUF 44,000 for the 4 days,
including plant-based lunch


The height of the week the actual shooting starts in the morning! Then in the afternoon the work is continued with postproduction as editing the film and sound. Do you feel like composing your own music or finding the perfect tunes to go with the images? Or is it most powerful without dialogues? Provisory editors, sound designers and techy teens will thrive learning the magic of this phase of filmmaking.


We will get to know each other through dramatic play, and find our own role in the production team. We’ll learn the basics of scriptwriting and finish the day with the film team’s own screenplay. 


Time for the final cut and the submission of your short film to an international film festival! Celebrate your week of hard work with a screening for family and friends in the afternoon.


Preproduction: how to write a shot-list, draw a storyboard and get prepared for the shooting? What is the role of the cinematographer or the assistant director? This is the most exciting period of filmmaking, with the craziest ideas and openness and creativity at its best.

Please contact us if you have any questions, send us an email to,

or just go ahead and sign up online.

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