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Weekend programmes

The money management weekend programme is designed to equip children with essential money management skills for life and build their entrepreneurial toolkit.

Each session runs from 13:30 to 15:30 and can be attended individually.

  • Saturday, 25 May 2024: History and purpose of money, income and expenses - budgeting

  • Saturday, 8 June 2024: Money as value

  • Saturday, 22 June 2024: Ways to earn money and jobs for kids




REAL School Budapest, Záhony utca 7, 1031 Budapest, Hungary. You can catch the HÉV and buses 34, 106 and 134 to Kaszásdűlő with public transport. 

For whom?

Children ages 8-12, external students are welcome!

Language requirement?

The programmes are conducted in simple English combined with visual aids, so they are also suitable for non-native speakers. Our educators speak Hungarian, so Hungarian language support will be provided as well.

How much?

Includes the full program, all materials, and a light snack from The Planteen.

  • Single session: 15,000 HUF

  • Full program (all 3 Saturdays): 40,000HUF


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Money management weekend programme

25 May 2024: History and purpose of money, income and expenses - budgeting

  • Explore the fascinating history of money and its various forms throughout time.

  • Discuss the primary purposes of money in society.

  • Engage in interactive activities to understand the importance of money in our daily lives.

  • Learn about the concepts of income and expenses.

  • Introduce basic budgeting skills to help children manage their finances effectively.

  • Practical exercises to create a simple budget and understand the value of financial planning.

8 June 2024 - Money as value

  • Delve into the deeper significance of money beyond its physical form.

  • Discuss the concept of value and how it relates to money.

  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions and activities to explore personal values and financial decisions.

22 June 2024 - Ways to earn money and jobs for children

  • Explore various methods of earning money, from traditional to modern avenues.

  • Focus on age-appropriate opportunities for children to earn money.

  • Encourage creativity and entrepreneurship through brainstorming and role-playing activities.


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About REAL School Budapest

REAL School Budapest is the English language, not-for-profit, international primary and middle school for the curious, creative and courageous. We inspire and empower the next generation to dream and build a beautiful world.

As a child, joining REAL School means learning through real-life projects, and following your curiosity. As a parent, you will be among like-minded people who give a damn about the world's challenges. And as an educator, you will have the freedom to design and bring to life engaging learning experiences, with a great purpose.

REAL School Budapest is a COBIS Patron's Accredited Member school, having been quality-assured against a strict set of standards and recognised as offering a high-quality British education. The school is fully licensed in Hungary as a Kindergarten to grade 8 primary and middle school (ages 5-14).

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