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Weekend programmes

The "Dream to Reality" Weekend Programmes are a dynamic and engaging four-Saturday series designed for children ages 5-12. Focused on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, sustainability awareness, and creative problem-solving, the program introduces kids to hands-on activities that turn dreams into tangible realities.


Each session offers hands-on activities, from woodworking and screenprinting to journaling and sustainability projects, allowing children to see their dreams manifest into tangible realities. This program is an ideal opportunity for those considering joining REAL School, offering a glimpse into how our educational approach makes learning effective and enjoyable.

The weekend programmes for the academic year 2023/24 have ended. Drop us a quick email if you want to be the first to know when we launch the weekend programmes for 2024/25.




REAL School Budapest, 1031, Záhony utca 7, U2 building in Graphisoft Park in Óbuda. You can catch the HÉV and buses 34, 106 and 134 to Kaszásdűlő with public transport. 

For whom?

Children ages 5-12

Language requirement?

The programmes are conducted in simple English combined with visual aids, so they are also suitable for non-native speakers. Our educators speak Hungarian, so Hungarian language support will be provided as well.


Encourage creative thinking and innovation

Enhance problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills

Develop an understanding and appreciation for sustainability

Provide a fun, engaging, and hands-on learning environment

Offer opportunities for parents to engage in their child's learning


Includes a light lunch

  • Single session: 15,000 HUF

  • Full program (all 4 Saturdays): 50,000HUF


Full programme

All materials

A light plant-based lunch

By participating in the "Dream to Reality" Weekend Program, children enjoy a fun and engaging learning experience and gain valuable insights and skills that are pivotal in today’s world.


It’s an opportunity to experience first-hand the unique educational approach of REAL School Budapest and understand how we empower our students to become the changemakers of tomorrow.