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Updated on 21 August 2023

  • “Participants” refers to both REAL School students and external children registered for a REAL Zone activity. “Parents” includes guardians or other legal representatives of the participants.

  • Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis. Participants continuing from a previous term’s activity will be given priority.

  • Registrations for REAL Zone activities of term 1 2023/24 are open until 30 August 2023. Taster sessions will be held during the week of 4 September 2023. Should a Participant wish to withdraw after the Taster session, a written cancellation must be sent to no later than 8 September 2023 (“cancellation deadline”). 

  • Activities led by REAL School educators and community members are provided free of charge to REAL School learners, except for a minimal contribution for necessary materials.

  • Activities taking place outside of REAL School premises are invoiced to the parents directly by the provider.

Both external providers and REAL School facilitators adhere to REAL School’s safeguarding procedures and requirements.

+ Parents are required to read and sign the liability waiver.

  • Activities taking place on REAL School premises will be invoiced to parents by REAL School during the first month of the term, The invoice covers all term sessions according to REAL School’s Calendar, except for 

+ the Taster session which will be offered free of charge and 

+ one additional session per term, allowing for potential absences for any reason. If the Participant attends all term sessions, the extra session is also free of charge. 

  • Registration for an activity is on a termly commitment basis. Further absence or withdrawal from the activity after cancellation deadline or withdrawal from the school entirely will not result in any refund.

  • Failure to pay the invoice by the due date may result in suspension from the activity.

  • REAL School's behaviour policy shall be observed during all activities taking place under the organisation and management of REAL School Budapest. Any Participant not respecting the agreements and rules of the behaviour policy may be suspended from the activity.

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