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Welcome to REAL Zone - a space and a community where we are learning the skills and mindset needed to change our world for the better, and have lots of fun doing it!

Come and join the English language afternoon and weekend activities! You don’t have to speak English for most activities - the common language is the dialect of play, art, music and sport - and of course - sustainability. Get your hands dirty, get to know yourself, develop your entrepreneurial spirit, play, and meet new friends!

REAL Zone is powered by REAL School Budapest, the new international school for sustainability. REAL Zone is a not-for-profit enterprise, all surpluses go to the REAL School scholarship fund. All Óbuda (3rd district) residents receive a 10% discount.



with Ozren Cvjetic

6-99 years | HUF 2,200 / session

Sunday 14:00-15:00

Builds problem-solving skills, teaches foresight and strategic thinking, improves emotional intelligence and sparks creativity. Sounds familiar? Yes, exactly some of the education goals of REAL School. And it’s all about playing after all! Ozren’s chess sessions will challenge all age-groups at all levels, so parents and grandparents are welcome to join!


with Ozren Cvjetic

6-99 years | HUF 2,200 / session

Sunday 15:00-16:00

Instead of picturing math circle as a quiet and serious gathering of spectacled girls & boys in a dusty library, imagine a vibrant and playful exploration of the world. The world of nature, arts and thinking. Because math is not about numbers - it is about the freedom to discover our way of thinking. There is no age, no gender and nobody is smarter, since there is no right or wrong in the maths we are exploring here. In Math Circle there are no ready-made answers - only questions and a lot of play.

2019-10-14 (3).png

with Ozren Cvjetic

11 - 17 years
First-term (3 Nov-15 Dec): HUF 28,000 

Sunday 16:30-18:00

Join the crew of the REAL Zone to get the real-life experience of filmmaking from an award-winning director! 
The goal is straightforward: making a short film throughout the school year with a complete cast and crew. A film that is submitted - and officially selected - at an international film festival. How?

During the first couple of sessions kids will be elected for the specific roles of industry professionals among themselves:

●screenwriter ●director ●cinematographer ●casting director ●actresses and actors ●costume designer ●make-up and hairstylist ●editor ●sound designer ●composer

and whomever the crew might need, from an assistant director to an animator. They will develop the script, a precise shot-list, a storyboard together. After casting the actresses and actors, the rehearsal period starts, then the actual filming of the scenes. Post production will involve editing the film and sound, and making music for the final version. In three school terms.

Sounds complicated, right? Filmmaking is a serious team-work, that requires not only an open and humble approach but a clear vision and excellent communication skills. And a lot of playfulness, creativity and passion!

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